Dan Daly

by Dan Daly



The first 5-song EP by electro indie pop trio Dan Daly.

Josh Fumo - Vocals, Guitars
James Amatuzio - Synths
Matthew Attard - Drums

Co-Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Michael Evola - www.facebook.com/michael.evola.35

Guest vocals by Sophia Werden Abrams, Sara Hebert and Cameron Reichard

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For booking inquires, please contact dandalyband@gmail.com


released December 5, 2013



all rights reserved


Dan Daly Toronto, Ontario

Dan Daly is an indie-electro-rock band out of Toronto, Canada.

Josh Fumo - Vocals, Guitar

James Amatuzio - Synth

Matthew Attard - Drums

Cameron West - Bass
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Track Name: Semper Hi-Fi
You say "Hey, we should get away" And baby, I believe it.
Cause those hips could put me in my place, and God knows, she knows I need it.
It looks like you've got it now my dear, so try it once more with feeling.
Cause you've used these words so many times, I think they've lost all meaning.
And even if all the smoke and mirrors fade, I swear there's nothing left to fear. You're safe with me, my dear.
The sting of sweat still burns my eyes, your blood red lips are smudging.
When you leave I won't have a dime, I swear that must count for something.
My heaven stands upon the stage, it stretches floor to ceiling.
You've used those words so many times, I think they've lost all meaning.
And even if all the smoke and mirrors fade, I swear there's nothing left to fear. You're safe with me, my dear - and now you've got me singing.
When morning comes I know this won't mean a thing, but for the time that you are here,
I'll stay with you my dear. And now you've got me singing.
Track Name: Mogul
If I put it in your hands, my love is useless,
18 months of fighting just to bring this buried anger back again.
No I don't understand, why you're ungrateful,
Poor excuse for some compassion makes you think I'll up and leave.
When I'd kiss the words right off your lips, read cues straight from your fingertips,
Fall to my knees and thank God that you're here.
And I know that I will make mistakes, but I'll cherish every breath you take,
My love for you can kill the ghosts you fear, but you say,
Nothing, nothing, nothing's gonna make me feel the same.
Why should we live alone, in this cold city?
Life's already hard enough, to navigate our ways through all the pain.
Please don't hang up that phone, you won't be sorry,
There's no need for confrontation, I can be the man you need.
When the sun comes up, the dusk it breaks,
That's when I hope to see your face,
In bedsheets we'll be smiling ear to ear.
And I'm not too proud a man to beg, if my words could change the choice you made,
The thunderstorms that black the sky will clear, but you say,
Nothing, nothing, nothing's gonna make me feel the same.
Will you consider this a part of your routine? It's just a siren song my shipwrecked soul can sing,
This isn't what you want, but this is what you need.
Track Name: 208/601/214
When you put it in my head, that yours and my love were the same,,
I knew I wasn't just some paycheck, souls together in refrain.
Then you looked into my eyes, saw my heart deep inside.
So get acquainted with this backseat, we'll let our demons drive tonight.
As these hours fade to days, it feels a little strange,
Your wrists tied tight in satin, and that scared look upon your face.
My darling don't you cry, this closet ain't no place to fight.
Of love, girl, I'll show you the meaning, if I can't ever change your mind.
I feel a change is coming. I feel a change is here.
Track Name: My Name Is Man
Hearts race, pace, deep in the water,
The tears, the dirt turns to dust.
You swear love we'll be together,
But I don't think that's enough.
No calls, fall into the forest,
The grass, the earth calls your name.
You swear love I must be broken,
But now they'll never see you whole again.
If innocence can be preserved, I'll keep it safe beneath the earth.
And when it's time to say goodbye, I'll keep your soul deep down.
How could this end? I gave you what you need.
I'll make you scream, we've wasted everything.
Track Name: The West
The stories you're about to hear will break you.
Change the way you've seen me since the day we met.
I promise I'm not going to beg you for forgiveness,
I'm just admitting to the pain that I create.
I know that everything I put her through was shameful,
But when she begged to be without me I saw red.
And ever after all this flesh and blood's been wasted,
I feel like a fool, cause I don't even know her name.
All I ask of you, my friend: don't hate yourself when this note ends.
This noose is where I've made my bed and tonight I'll sleep alone.
I know you'll hate me for this.
I swore I could change, but inside I felt the same,
So in paper and ink, my last words will read:
Forget what you know, whatever you learned of love.
Learn from me and grow, cause there's nothing to change about me anymore.